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Don't Remain

You’ve heard plenty of messages telling you God doesn't want you to fear. You know God's will for you is to leave a peaceful, victorious life.


You've tried to get over your fears, but there are still things you're struggling with.


Take control and choose freedom over the next 30 days!


Choosing to Overcome Your Fears is a quick daily devotional with the potential for incredible outcomes.  The daily readings, prayers, and activities help you pro-actively:


  • Shift your emotional atmosphere from fear to faith.

  • Commit to desiring a positive faith-filled mindset.

  • Embrace God's will in every area of your life - spiritual, mental, and financial.


Enjoy creating new habits that can make life better - for you and everyone around you.

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Choosing to Overcome Your Fears devotional cover

6 Types of Fear to Overcome,
1 Fear to Embrace... Using Positive Speaking

Renew Your Mind Automatically
...just by pressing play!

Spending time in the Bible is important to you, but you don’t always have the time to do a lot of reading. This free audio of Scriptures offers: 

  • Specifically targeted verses about choosing to overcome your fears

  • Helps you keep God’s Word front and center, wherever you go, on any device

  • The more uplifting Scriptures you hear, the more you can take control and overcome your fears

  • And it all happens automatically, just by listening as you go!

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Audio cover of Choosing to Overcome Your Fears scriptures

Join the 3-Day
"Breaking Off Fears" Challenge


Taking New Ground

Do you feel stuck in reverse? Don't let your fears grow to a point you're backing up on your spiritual walk. Learn how pressing forward with the reverent fear of the Lord will keep you from stepping backward.


Shattering Your Illusions

What are you saying about your fears? Your words have power and what you say builds up in your mind. Have you created an illusion about your fears when he truth is far less scary?


Embracing Your Freedom

Fear is bondage. It takes time to reset your thoughts, so no matter what, you have to push forward. It's time to face things head-on, embrace your freedom in Christ, and refuse to be limited by fear.

There is no charge for training. Simply click the button below to join our free "The Power of Positive Speaking" Facebook Group. That's where you can access the daily sessions.

What People Are Saying

Dr Carolyn and Charles Phillips

I have truly enjoyed each book in this series by Heather Lancaster. Just when I didn’t think they could be any better, I read Choosing to Overcome Your Fears! It could be that it uniquely spoke to me. It reminded me of how the Word of God worked in my life personally. As a child, I feared dying for some unknown reason. Later in life, that fear manifested as anxiety and panic attacks. This became even worse as I had children. I constantly prayed that the Lord would let me live until my children were grown. They did grow up, but I still had panic attacks.


There are other examples, but let’s just say God turned it around. Reading Choosing to Overcome Your Fears reminded me that the Word of God changed me, just as it will all of us if we allow it to. If I’d read this book years and years ago, what a difference it would have made. Yes, I finally got it, but having this resource would've helped me so much.


Heather Lancaster approached this book with genuine humility and a personal touch. I was able to see her heart. As she opened up about some of her own fear issues on these pages, she brought the truth of Scripture to light in a way that I know will help others. I am so grateful she dived deep into the Word of God to bring the truth to us.

– Dr. Carolyn Phillips

Eternal Truths Ministries

Pastor Denese and Dr Mario Ramos

Dr. Mario and I had the privilege of meeting Heather Lancaster five years ago at a ministry conference. It became very clear what she stands for, Who she lives for, how important her message is, and that it lines up with God’s word. 

Choosing to Overcome Your Fears is one of those books that will make life better. I’ve not cried so many happy tears in a long time. God was giving me answers to things I knew but still needed to be reminded of. I know it’s a quick daily devotional, but I couldn’t stop reading it. It’s one of those books you’ll not want to lay down until you’re finished. But take the time to do the daily activities; it will help the truths of Scripture settle in your spirit.


Heather Lancaster’s first two books (Seeing the Power of Your Words and Walking In God’s Benefits) were off the chart, but I have to say Choosing to Overcome Your Fears couldn’t be more phenomenal. I know Holy Spirit is leading Heather in writing these books, and I have no doubt He will continue guiding her in her future books.

– Rev. Denese and Dr. Mario Ramos

Build A Foundation Ministries

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About Heather Lancaster

Heather Lancaster, Author

Heather Lancaster is an author and prophetic minister with Eternal Truths Ministries and host of the eXchanging Eternal Truths podcast.

She grew up learning the Word of God in church, school, and from her family on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She formed an early love for writing, drama, and music and has attained a Masters of Theology.

Heather has a passion for encouraging others to see the power of their words and fulfill their God-given callings.

She is also the author of the Amazon best-selling Seeing the Power of Your Words and Walking In God's Benefits. She and her husband, Greg, run Glory Fire Productions. They make their home in Anderson, South Carolina.

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