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You frequently hear messages about how believers should walk in Godly authority. And even though you know God wants you to live a victorious, powerful life, there always seem to be pieces missing. You know there’s more available to you.  
Incorporate the truth from Scripture and walk in greater authority over the next 30 days!
Embracing Your Godly Authority is a quick daily devotional with the potential for extraordinary outcomes. The daily readings, prayers, and activities help you pro-actively:

  • Discern what aspects of Godly authority are available to you.

  • Avoid common pitfalls that weaken your authoritative stand.

  • Experience manifested authority in all areas of your life - spiritual, mental, and financial.

Enjoy creating new habits that can make life better - for you and everyone around you.

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Don't Just Hear About Your Authority - WALK IN IT!

Renew Your Mind Automatically
...just by pressing play!

Spending time in the Bible is important to you, but you don’t always have the time to do a lot of reading. This free audio of Scriptures offers: 

  • Specifically targeted verses about your authority in Jesus Christ

  • Helps you keep God’s Word front and center, wherever you go, on any device

  • The more uplifting Scriptures you hear, the more you can walk in all your authority

  • And it all happens automatically, just by listening as you go!

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What People Are Saying

Pastor Denese and Dr Mario Ramos

Heather’s latest devotional, Embracing Your Godly Authority, will help people understand how to grasp all of the authority God has given us through His Son, Jesus.

As soon as we met Heather, it became clear that she lives for the Lord and that her message aligns with the Word of God.

One of the things I love about Embracing Your Godly Authority and her other devotionals is that they are daily, quick, and easy reads. In two to three pages, she provides Scripture, examples, and thoughtful questions.

If you struggle to get into the Word, this is a good start. Heather also emphasizes the need to read Scripture for yourself and not just take one person's word for it.


Heather has a true love and a heart for people. We love that about her and know you will too. Embracing Your Godly Authority will give you daily encouragement about all the power and authority that believers have access to. It certainly has impacted our lives.

– Rev. Denese and Dr. Mario Ramos, Build a Foundation Ministries

Dr Carolyn and Charles Phillips

Embracing Your Godly Authority is a great devotional! What a great reminder of the authority we are given.  I have always cherished Luke 10:19. What a powerful scripture. Day 3 brought that out in a real way.

Life can get a bit chaotic at times. No matter how long we have walked with the Lord, we will experience trials, and we may get caught up in the hassle of it. However, we do have authority from the Lord to deal with the enemy, and what a blessing it is when we use it.

The 30-day journey of this book continued to bring such nuggets of truth. Traveling through each day and their lessons were a reminder of who we are in Christ.

I suggest to anyone who hasn’t experienced this truth of authority to just take 30 days and try it. Or maybe you have heard of this and thought it was just something people say, I would say take the journey of Embracing Your Godly Authority.

Thank you once again Heather Lancaster, for bringing these devotionals to help us.


– Dr. Carolyn Phillips, Eternal Truths Ministries

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About Heather Lancaster

Heather Lancaster, Author

Heather Lancaster is an author and prophetic minister with Eternal Truths Ministries and host of the eXchanging Eternal Truths podcast.

She grew up learning the Word of God in church, school, and from her family on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She formed an early love for writing, drama, and music and has attained a Masters of Theology.

Heather has a passion for encouraging others to see the power of their words and fulfill their God-given callings.

She is also the author of the Amazon best-selling Seeing the Power of Your Words, Walking In God's Benefits, and Choosing to Overcome Your Fears. She and her husband, Greg, run Glory Fire Productions. They make their home in Anderson, South Carolina.

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Belton, SC 29627

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