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Spending time in the Bible is important to you, but you don’t always have the time to do a lot of reading. This free audio of Scriptures offers: 

  • Specifically targeted verses about your authority in Jesus Christ

  • Helps you keep God’s Word front and center, wherever you go, on any device

  • The more uplifting Scriptures you hear, the more you can walk in all your authority

  • And it all happens automatically, just by listening as you go!

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About Heather Lancaster

Heather Lancaster, Author

Heather Lancaster is an author and prophetic minister with Eternal Truths Ministries and host of the eXchanging Eternal Truths podcast.

She grew up learning the Word of God in church, school, and from her family on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She formed an early love for writing, drama, and music and has attained a Masters of Theology.

Heather has a passion for encouraging others to see the power of their words and fulfill their God-given callings.

She is also the author of the Amazon best-selling Seeing the Power of Your Words, Walking In God's Benefits, and Choosing to Overcome Your Fears. She and her husband, Greg, run Glory Fire Productions. They make their home in Anderson, South Carolina.

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