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Don't Tell Me
There's Not A God!

Angels and demons. Addictions and deliverance. Divine inspiration and guidance. All of these things happened to Kenny and Beth Carver. 


If you’ve ever questioned whether God is real, look no further than these true stories of God's miraculous power. This compelling collection of personal stories shows the Carver’s journey from life's deepest pits, with moments that defy natural logic and explanation, to their profound faith in Jesus Christ.


Discover the miraculous healings that medical science couldn't define, the unexplainable provision in times of desperate need, and the Divine interventions that reshaped their understanding of who God is.


Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, this voyage will challenge your preconceived notions and expand the boundaries of your beliefs. You, too, can find the reality of Jesus Christ and feel His presence in the most unexpected places.

Follow Kenny and Beth’s journey From Pit to Praise, and ultimately affirm the existence of God and his ability to work miracles in your life.


What People Are Saying

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“We highly recommend you read Kenny and Beth Carver’s book From Pit to Praise - Stories that Prove God is Real.

Kenny and Beth have written a thriller of the best kind! It weaves you through God’s miracles and marvelous works in their lives. Some of these true stories will have you dazzled and holding onto your seat. These life events, as chronicled in their book, are proof that Jesus is constantly by our side, protecting us against evil forces and protecting us as he guides our every step.

Every chapter will have you on the edge of your seat. If we didn’t personally know Kenny and Beth and a part of their lives and shared some of these experiences, they would be hard to believe! Our chapter is “Harley, the Demon and the Mink Coat.” Have you ever wondered if God is really with us and working in our lives? Well, this book is beyond proof.  It will help you begin to see God’s work in your own life and change your life in ways only God can.”  

Wally and Gwen Bishop
Wally Bishop I.N.H.C., C.N.C., C.I.C.P.
Board Certified Holistic Health PractitionerPresident & CEO


"Kenny and Beth Carver's book From Pit to Praise – Stories that Prove God is Real is an eye-opener. For those who may have thought that God doesn't want to be involved in their day-to-day life, the stories in this book prove God's love for His children. Every experience shows how powerful the Lord is and erases any doubt that not only is God real, but He wants to be part of our lives.

Kenny and Beth's courage in sharing intimate moments of despair and triumph is relatable and extraordinary. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and humbled. I know that after reading, my heart is to know God even better and see Him work in my life even more.

I highly recommend this book to anyone questioning God's role in their lives."

Heather Lancaster
Expanding Your Faith Ministries
Author of Seeing the Power of Your Words, Walking in God's Benefits, and more


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About Kenny and Beth Carver


Kenny and Beth Carver both grew up in Greenville, SC, but their journey of transformation and reliance on God took them to Texas and New Mexico.  Through battling trials, tribulations, addictions, sicknesses, and bondages, they were challenged to build their faith in Jesus Christ.  Now, they fully embrace the delivering and healing power of Jesus. 

They desire to see all God’s children walk in faith and the truth of the Word of God. They want everyone to totally believe in His promises and understand who they are in Christ, which goes beyond just knowing about God, but believing in His power.

Kenny and Beth want everyone to be more concerned about fearing God instead of men or circumstances. They want to see Christians more concerned about hurting God’s feelings instead of siding with those who sin in political correctness.

They believe churches should operate in holiness and purity, not accepting an un-Godly mixture. They desire to see pastors preach and teach 100% truth from the Bible, not variations that promote financial gain, popularity, or social acceptance. They want to see the Holy Spirit fully operate in every church and every Christian man, woman, and child’s life. They want to see the deception of idols be demolished, whether false gods, false religions, cults, drugs, alcohol, food, sex, self-help programs, pastors, teachers, books, political figures, and anything else that people put before our Mighty, Holy, Incredible, Awesome God.

They currently live in Simpsonville, SC, with their two dogs, Oliver and Sophie.

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