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You’ve probably heard many messages about the importance of your words. And you believe that words have power.


But so far, your beliefs haven't translated into tangible results in your life – at least not to the degree you sense is possible.


That's about to change over the next 30 days!


Seeing the Power of Your Words is a quick daily devotional with the potential for massive impact. The daily readings, prayers, and activities help you pro-actively:


  • Choose your words more carefully. 

  • Learn to guard against speaking dream-killing words.

  • Shift the emotional atmosphere around you.

  • Enhance all your most important relationships - with God, yourself, and others.


Enjoy creating new habits that can make life better - for you and everyone around you.

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Seeing the Power of Your Words devotional cover

5 Simple Ways to Change the Way You Feel... by Changing the Way You Speak

Renew Your Mind Automatically
...just by pressing play!

Spending time in the Bible is important to you, but you don’t always have the time to do a lot of reading. This free audio of Scriptures offers: 

  • Specifically targeted verses about the power of your words

  • Helps you keep God’s Word front and center, wherever you go, on any device

  • The more uplifting Scriptures you hear, the more positive your words become

  • And it all happens automatically, just by listening as you go!

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Scripture Audio cover of Seeing the Power of Your Words

Join the 5-Day
"Watch Your Words" Challenge


Grow Your Garden

If we plant a seed in the ground, we expect to get something back. A flower, fruit, or vegetable. It’s time for us to realize that our words as seeds. Each word we say puts a seed in the ground. Are we growing a beautiful flower garden full of positive words and affirmations that are pleasing to us and everyone around us, or do we just have an ugly pile of negative weeds? How do we sow the right seeds and grow the garden we want?


Breaking the Cycle of Dream-Killers

A lot of the negative words we say are things we’ve heard for generations. Our mothers and grandmothers heard the same thing and then repeated them to us. Maybe we’ve even repeated them to our children. But we can use the Word of God to change our words, it just takes application. We can hear the Scriptures and sermons all day long, but unless we DO something differently, we’ll speak the way we’ve always spoken.


Creating Balance from Chaos

With all the negative things that bombard us on a daily basis from the world around us, how do you overcome that with your positive words? Negative news, along with violent and sexualized media work towards destroying positive outlooks. Much like work/life balance, we have to find a balance to combat rampant negativity.


Nurturing Relationships

Even the best relationships can be worn down when the wrong words are constantly being said. Sometimes it’s challenging to maintain positivity, especially in tough times. Our most important relationship is with God. Are we taking that time to speak to Him? While we can’t control the words of others, how are we speaking about our relationships with our spouses, children, or parents?


Developing New Habits to Make Life Better

We’ve all heard the sermons, but haven’t been able to put them into practice. Looking at your situation as a whole seems overwhelming. We can’t wave a magic wand and change our negative outlooks overnight. Start with small things we can control. We have to work to create new habits from old, learning to apply the teaching in a practical manner that we can sustain and build upon.

There is no charge for training. Simply click the button below to join our free "The Power of Positive Speaking" Facebook Group. That's where you can access the daily sessions.

What People Are Saying

Dr Carolyn and Charles Phillips

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Minister Heather Lancaster for 19 years. Through this time, I have watched her walk with God and have been inspired. Her zeal for the Word and her integrity to it brings such a refreshing change.

Seeing the Power of Your Words brings alive the Word in a fresh way. It brings vision as to who we are as sons and daughters. As we take the time day-by-day going through the exercises, it also cements the Word in us. "

– Dr. Carolyn Phillips, Eternal Truths Ministries

Pastor Denese and Dr Mario Ramos

"While reading Heather‘s new devotional Seeing The Power Of Your Words, it became very clear what she stands for, Who she lives for, and how important her message is because it lines up with God’s Word.

Heather has a true love and a heart for people. We know this devotional will give daily encouragement to someone who needs it. It certainly has impacted my life. We love that about her, and we know you will too. Kindred hearts!"

– Rev. Denese and Dr. Mario Ramos

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About Heather Lancaster

Heather Lancaster, Author

Heather Lancaster is an author and prophetic minister with Eternal Truths Ministries and host of the eXchanging Eternal Truths podcast.

She grew up learning the Word of God in church, school, and from her family on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She formed an early love for writing, drama, and music and has attained a Masters of Theology.

Heather has a passion for encouraging others to see the power of their words and fulfill their God-given callings.

She is also the author of the Amazon best-selling Walking In God's Benefits and Choosing to Overcome Your Fears. She and her husband, Greg, run Glory Fire Productions. They make their home in Anderson, South Carolina.

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Belton, SC 29627

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