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You’ve probably heard many messages about the benefits and blessings of God. And you believe they’re available to you.


But so far, your beliefs aren’t manifesting into concrete results – at least not to the degree you feel is possible.


Change that over the next 30 days!


Walking in God’s Benefits is a quick daily devotional with the potential for enormous results.  The daily readings, prayers, and activities help you pro-actively:


  • Choose to speak positively about God’s benefits. 

  • Expand your faith to embrace God’s blessings.

  • Possess God’s promises in every area of your life - spiritual, physical, and financial.


Enjoy creating new habits that can make life better - for you and everyone around you.

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Cover of Walking in God's Benefits devotional

5 Ways to Embrace God's Blessings... by Using Positive Speaking

Renew Your Mind Automatically
...just by pressing play!

Spending time in the Bible is important to you, but you don’t always have the time to do a lot of reading. This free audio of Scriptures offers: 

  • Specifically targeted verses about the power of your words

  • Helps you keep God’s Word front and center, wherever you go, on any device

  • The more uplifting Scriptures you hear, the more positive your words become

  • And it all happens automatically, just by listening as you go!

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Audio cover of Walking In God's Benefits Scriptures

Join the 3-Day
"Experience God's Promises" Challenge


Equipping Your Toolbox

We don’t jump into a do-it-yourself project, a household repair, or a job task without having the appropriate tools. Sometimes, the wrong tool for the job is almost as bad as having no tools at all. We wouldn’t use a hammer when we need a screwdriver. Are we equipped with all the tools God has for us? Do we know how to appropriately use those tools? It’s time to equip our heavenly toolboxes so we can rise victorious over every storm or challenge that comes our way.


Embracing Your Heavenly Vision

We’ve always felt that there was a call or gifting in our lives. But there’s been something blocking us from completing it. Perhaps it was a lack of resources or our own perceived shortcomings. God has given us a destiny to fulfill. Are we going to allow God to move in our lives, or will we keep putting Him in a box while expecting things to change? Let’s take the Scriptures and apply them so that we can run with faithfulness the journey God has for us.


Avoiding Jumping Ahead of God

Sometimes, a promise from God requires time to pass before we see it in our lives. There’s a real danger of trying to make things happen on our own rather than letting God reveal it in His timing. Walking through the right door is easy when the timing lines up. Learn how to avoid the frustration of beating your head against those doors that aren’t ready to open by staying in God’s timing. Let’s walk together through the right doors at the right time.

There is no charge for training. Simply click the button below to join our free "The Power of Positive Speaking" Facebook Group. That's where you can access the daily sessions.

What People Are Saying

Pastor Denese and Dr Mario Ramos

Dr. Mario and I had the privilege of meeting Heather Lancaster four years ago at a ministry conference. It became very clear what she stands for, Who she lives for, how important her message is, and that it lines up with God’s word. 

Heather’s latest devotional, Walking in God’s Benefits, will help people struggling to be victorious in their Christian lives by helping them realize how special we are to the Father. The vision is evident in this book.


Heather has a true love and a heart for people. We love that about her and know you will too. Walking In God's Benefits is an easy read and a great devotional that reminds us of who we are in Christ and all that He wants and desires for us. It will give daily encouragement about God’s benefits for righteousness. It certainly has impacted our lives.

– Rev. Denese and Dr. Mario Ramos

Dr Carolyn and Charles Phillips

I really cannot say enough about Walking In God's Benefits. It resonates in my spirit! I have always said, “where you are today is what you believed about yourself yesterday.”  


It may be that we are not in a good place from things in the past. It is possible we feel we don’t deserve God’s best. While digesting the written word penned here I believe our eyes will be opened. We will see not only are we forgiven but we have benefits. Walking in God’s Benefits will dive you into the truth of Scripture. It is laid out so we have no reason not to be blessed.  


I am so thankful to author Heather Lancaster for allowing God to use her to write this book. It will free many. I highly recommend adding this to your library and sharing it with as many others as you want to see blessed as well. 

– Dr. Carolyn Phillips, Eternal Truths Ministries

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About Heather Lancaster

Heather Lancaster, Author

Heather Lancaster is an author and prophetic minister with Eternal Truths Ministries and host of the eXchanging Eternal Truths podcast.

She grew up learning the Word of God in church, school, and from her family on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She formed an early love for writing, drama, and music and has attained a Masters of Theology.

Heather has a passion for encouraging others to see the power of their words and fulfill their God-given callings.

She is also the author of the Amazon best-selling Seeing the Power of Your Words and Choosing to Overcome Your Fears. She and her husband, Greg, run Glory Fire Productions. They make their home in Anderson, South Carolina.

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Belton, SC 29627

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